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Recent Artwork

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Purple Bow.

My father’s sister, Lily Beckford, was born in 1914 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was a portrait and landscape artist, and a strikingly brilliant woman. Ahead of her time, she adorned her hair with fashionable large bows, and wore dangling earrings. This collage pays homage to Lily, celebrating her creativity. Handmade collage using paper, watercolor and soft pastels.

Collage size: 13 x 18.5 inches.
Letters in the Wind.

A somewhat melancholic and surreal collage. Handmade using bits and pieces of paper, watercolors and glue.

Collage Size: 9 x 13.25 inches.
Heading 6
Light and Dark JPG  500 Pixels.jpg
Light and Dark.

When the sun rises in the East, the moon sets in the West. This collage examines the contrasts between Eastern and Western cultures and esthetics. It uses images from traditional European paintings mixed with Japanese prints by Hiroshige. Hiroshige was known for his woodcut prints that miraculously and artistically combined dark and light images. I used paper bits and pieces of the same color but of different shades to create the idea of light, dark, and shadows in this collage. To the woman's left, the sun rises in the East; to her right, the moon falls in the West. She holds a globe in her hands, representing this planet's vastness. The collage uses surrealism to express the idea of the push and pull of different cultures that cohabitate on this Earth. Handmade collage using bits and pieces of paper, watercolor and glue.

Collage Size: 13 x 16 inches.
Sushi Cat JPG 600 pixel.jpg
Sushi Cat.

Handmade collage celebrating my daughter’s latest cat, Sushi, whom she adopted from a shelter. The collage uses bits and pieces of paper, watercolors, soft pastels, and glue.

Collage Size: 9 x 11 inches.
550 x 600.jpg
Blue is For Boy.

Examining masculinity and fluidity. Handmade collage using magazine ads, bits and pieces of paper, watercolor, soft pastels, and glue. 

Collage Size:  17 x 18.25 inches.
Anne Cleves JPG Master_edited.jpg
Anne of Cleves Revisited.

Anne Cleves was one of the few wives of Henry VIII to escape beheading. She agreed to have her marriage annulled, and in return she was given a fortune by the King and considered by him as a "dear sister." Anne was a smart woman, able to navigate the palace intrigues, political turmoil, and religious wars that typified the period of Henry VIII. I used Hans Holbein's Portrait of Anne (c. 1539) as a reference, but modernized her image to show her strength and courage. In the background, there are scenes of attacks on women, knife stabbings, and other turbulent episodes to represent the misfortunes she was able to navigate. These scenes come from Guido Reni's Massacre of the Innocents (c. 1611). Handmade collage using old books, magazine ads, bits and pieces of paper, watercolor, soft pastels, and glue.

Collage Size: 10.25 x 11.75 inches.
1080 Master.jpg
Dark Spying.

A mysterious collage that delves into the realm of secrecy. The backdrop is painted in a rich, dark red color, creating an ominous atmosphere. In the foreground, we see a solitary woman emerging from the shadows. Her black-and-white image contrasts with the colorful background, suggesting intrigue. With just one eye visible, she takes on the role of a covert observer, casting a judgmental gaze. The artwork evokes feelings of secrecy, with tension and danger seemingly lurking beneath the surface. Handmade collage using magazine ads, art books, watercolor, and soft pastels.

Collage Size:  9.5 x 13.25 inches.
Clockwork 52.

Handmade collage exploring the intricate mechanisms within a wristwatch, showcasing a myriad of dials, gears, jewels, and the unique personality embedded in the heart of the timepiece. Made from old books, bits and pieces of paper, and watercolor. Significant source material for this collage were print ads for wrist watches.

Collage Size:  11.5 x 13.25 inches.
Blind Butterflies 1200_edited.jpg
Blind Butterflies.

Handmade collage made from old books, magazines, watercolors, pastels, and imagination. It portrays Cupid, the god of love, who is blindfolded and blind. Above Cupid, there is a miniature painting that depicts butterfly wings. These wings are made from images of eyes.
Collage Size: 9.25 x 13.875 inches.
Robed Men 1200.jpg
Robed Men.
In this intimate collage, two robed men share a moment of friendship. Their relaxed stances and warm smiles convey a deep connection. Brightly colored robes with images of birds, surreal figures and intricate patterns hint at shared experiences and a spiritual connection between the two men. The collage explores harmony, inviting viewers to sense the unspoken bond between these friends in a snapshot of serene camaraderie. Handmade collage using old books, bits and pieces of paper, and watercolors.

Collage size: 8 x 10.75 inches.
Mirror Reflection.

When we look at a mirror, we see more than the mere reflection of our physical self. We see our feelings, our motivations, our spirituality, our gifts and our faults. Handmade collage made from postcards, bits and pieces of paper, and watercolor.

Collage Size: 14x11 inches.
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