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Magical Realism

Lookin at myself in the mirror

Mirror Reflection.

When we look at a mirror, we see more than the mere reflection of our physical self. We see our feelings, our motivations, our spirituality, our gifts and our faults. Handmade collage made from postcards, bits and pieces of paper, and watercolor.

Collage Size: 14x11 inches.
Completed 2023.

Woman among the devils

Devil in Details.


This collage portrays a semi-clad woman standing in a regal pose. She is wearing blue and purple fabrics, as well as intricate winglets that resemble animal prints. Her eyes are closed in prayer, and she is surrounded by blue and red devil figures. Each detail of her elaborate attire and the devilish surroundings speaks to the intricate narrative of the piece, evoking curiosity and symbolism. The juxtaposition of her serene presence against the chaotic devilish backdrop highlights the complicated balance between details and overall appearance, echoing the collage's title, "Devil in Details." Handmade from bits and pieces of paper, watercolor, soft pastels, tiny bits of rope, and glue.

Collage Size: 9.5x17 inches.

Completed 2024

Arrows and Sorrows

Arrows and Sorrows

Handmade collage depicting a woman in a modern dress, pierced by arrows. The background is a calm blue landscape, but in the forefront, we find a crowded scene of nuns, monks, and priests seemingly judging the woman. The collage is meant to evoke images of women burned at the stake, dissenters being martyred and tortured, and religious sects trying to silence the modern and outspoken. The collage is a commentary on the struggle between modernity and tradition, using humor and surreal imagery to explore themes of oppression and resistance.


Collage Size: 12x19 inches.

Celestial Images of beautiful sirens

Celestial Nudes


Classically draped or naked beauties guide the way to the heavens. The female figures for this artwork come from classical renaissance paintings, but they are presented in a modern and almost abstract manner. Their faces seem tranquil, at peace, almost bored and yet inviting you to join them. They are sirens, calling you up to the celestial skies.


Collage Size: 14x13.8 inches

Clock Personafied

Clockwork 52

Handmade collage exploring the intricate mechanisms within a wristwatch, showcasing a myriad of dials, gears, jewels, and the unique personality embedded in the heart of a timepiece. Made from old books, bits and pieces of paper, and watercolor. Significant source material for this collage were print ads for wrist watches.


Collage Size: 11.5 x 13.3 inches.

An elegant couple in a London living room

Living Room Elegance


Husband and wife stand elegantly dressed in their living room. He wears a red coordinated outfit with white sneakers, a black belt, a fashionable jacket with polka dots, a brown groovy shirt, a white wig, and a bow to hold back his ponytail. She wears black platform shoes, white socks, a purple blackish dress, a holster top, an elegant necklace made of rope, short sleeves, long hair, and a dazzling new hat. The living room sports wood floors, a red couch with green pillows, a blue metallic table, sconces made from seashells, and palm trees painted on the walls. A surreal handmade collage with watercolor, exploring modern elegance and humor.


Collage Size: 10x14.5 inches

A moon madonna

Moon Madonna


The collage depicts a striking image of a woman with soulful eyes and a beautiful profile drawn in black and white. Her rounded face expresses a humanistic interpretation of the moon. Her eyes are dark, and they exude an intense and captivating energy that draws the viewer in. She wears a crown of red feathers on her head, which creates a vibrant and striking contrast against her pale face. The feathers are arranged in a circular shape, giving the impression of a halo or crown. Her expression is peaceful and introspective, suggesting she is lost in thought or meditation. Combining the woman's serene expression, the stark black-and-white contrasts and the vibrant red feathers create a sense of magic and wonder. She embodies the beauty and mystery of the night sky.

A puppet master

Puppet Master


A skilled puppeteer stands before you, his gaze fixed directly upon you as his hands dangle over the stage, manipulating the strings of his puppets with precision. His face is a composite of masks, hiding his identity, but his hands are delicate and large, seemingly able to control anything they touch. He is a master of his craft, ready to play with the strings of anyone's heart or mind. Handmade collage using paper, magazines, and old books.


Collage Size: 9.5x12.3 inches

A beautiful man

Something New


A semi-clad young man stares out into the horizon, looking for something new and wonderful. He is engulfed by scarfs, veils, and fabrics of different shades of blue. Blue is the color of hope. Surreal collage made from paper with watercolor.


Collage Size: 11.5x15 inches

Through the looking glass

Through the Looking Glass


“Oh, Kitty, how nice it would be if we could only get through into Looking-glass House! I’m sure it’s got, oh! such beautiful things in it! Let’s pretend there’s a way of getting through into it, somehow, Kitty. Let’s pretend the glass has got all soft like gauze, so that we can get through. Why it’s turning into a sort of mist now, I declare! It’ll be easy enough to get through.” Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass.

Handmade collage using bits and pieces of paper, imagination, splashes of watercolor, and old magazines and books that smell of smoke and coffee.


Collage Size: 14.8x15 inches

Man holding a torch lighting up the darkness

Largess of Darkness.


A man holding a large torch in a field of darkness, illuminates the undercurrents of blues and whites that hide in the color of black. The brightness of the torch cast upon his face reveals the inner essence of his spirit, and exposes the mysteries of the night. Handmade collage using paper, watercolor, pastels and glue.


Collage size: 16x16.8 inches.

Completed 2024.

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