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Latest Artwork

© Ernesto Beckford, Chadds Ford PA (2021-2024)
Friends at Crossroads

"Friends at Crossroads" "Friends at Crossroads" illustrates companionship and the distancing of affections. Two females stand at a metaphorical crossroads, symbolizing the subtle animosity and critical choices they are facing. The contrasting colors of their vibrant clothes highlight their individuality, while their identical postures and similar appearance demonstrate their long history of shared experiences. The crossroads place them at the center of uncertain times, as perhaps in middle age they face emotional distancing and the loss of friendship and trust. Mixed Media Collage (paper on paper, with watercolor and pastels). Collage Size: 23 x 23 inches. Completed 2024

Heritage Threads

Heritage Threads.


This collage exudes a sense of fluidity as it weaves together traditions and eras, symbolizing the embrace of diverse identities today. The central figure radiates resilience and valor, wearing a blue jacket adorned with patches that seamlessly blend traditional and modern styles. Each patch celebrates multiculturalism and historical depth, forming a tapestry of experiences that shape the individual. Through varied materials and textures, the collage captures the intricate richness of identity, showcasing how personal and collective histories shape who we are now.


Collage Size: 18 x 24 inches.

Completed 2024.




Portrait of a young woman in a moment of simultaneous realization of self and innocence, as if she were Eve in the Garden of Eden. The artwork represents the interplay between discovery and purity. Handmade collage using paper, pastels, watercolor, and twine. The collage is a part of my series exploring the use of rope in artistic expression.


Collage Size: 9.5 x 16 inches.

Completed 2024.

Red is for Radical.
Red is often associated with radicalism, encompassing feelings of rage, reflection, and a desire for reform. These characteristics are usually attributed to individuals who do not conform to societal norms; to outsiders who wish to be accepted as they are. The figure depicted in this piece embodies the idea of a red radical but is softened by including a feather in their headdress -- a quill, a pen. This serves as a reminder that while taking action is essential, words are also a powerful physical force. Mightier than the sword, as they say. Handmade collage using bits and pieces of paper, string, watercolor, soft pastels, and glue.
Collage Size: 14x14 inches 
Completed in 2024

Roped JPG 10MG.jpg

Caught between modesty, sensuality, and sexual identity. Handmade collage using bits and pieces of paper, magazines, watercolor, soft pastel, and twine.

Collage Size: 15.8 x 23.5 inches
Completed in 2024




As the first light of day breaks the horizon, casting long shadows, a solitary figure stands tall amidst the golden glow. His silhouette stretched long and slender by the morning sun, reaches out in reverence to the sky. With outstretched arms, amid the dance of light and shadow, the man melds into the beauty of the morning dawn. Handmade collage; paper on paper.


Collage Size: 9.5 x 26 inches.

Completed 2024.

Period of Discovery

Period of Discovery.


Image of a shirtless man against a vibrant green background, with mechanical parts revealed beneath his skin. His neutral expression and crossed hands over his chest suggest self-protection. The artwork symbolizes periods of life marked by transition and discovery, such as sexual awakening or career changes. The man’s crossed hands indicate he is safeguarding his core identity during this transformative phase. Vibrant colors and surreal elements emphasize the emotional complexity and intensity of his journey. The collage conveys the tension between change and preservation, highlighting the delicate balance of embracing new aspects of oneself while maintaining personal integrity. Mixed media collage (paper on paper, watercolor and pastels).


Collage Size: 9.25 x 14. inches.

Completed 2024.


Letters in the Wind.

A somewhat melancholic and surreal collage. Handmade using bits and pieces of paper, watercolors and glue.

Collage Size: 9 x 13.25 inches.

Light and Dark JPG  500 Pixels.jpg

Light and Dark.

When the sun rises in the East, the moon sets in the West. This collage examines the contrasts between Eastern and Western cultures and esthetics. It uses images from traditional European paintings mixed with Japanese prints by Hiroshige. Hiroshige was known for his woodcut prints that miraculously and artistically combined dark and light images. I used paper bits and pieces of the same color but of different shades to create the idea of light, dark, and shadows in this collage. To the woman's left, the sun rises in the East; to her right, the moon falls in the West. She holds a globe in her hands, representing this planet's vastness. The collage uses surrealism to express the idea of the push and pull of different cultures that cohabitate on this Earth. Handmade collage using bits and pieces of paper, watercolor and glue.

Collage Size: 13 x 16 inches.

550 x 600.jpg

Blue is For Boy.

Examining masculinity and fluidity. Handmade collage using magazine ads, bits and pieces of paper, watercolor, soft pastels, and glue. 

Collage Size:  17 x 18.25 inches.

Large Moonlight

Large Moonlight.

A beautiful young woman with dreadlocks and soulful eyes, walks on a cloudy evening, under the mysterious light of a blue moon. Mixed media collage made from paper, pastels, and watercolor.


Collage Size: 11.5x11 inches.

Completed 2024

Dark Spying

Dark Spying.

A mysterious collage that delves into the realm of secrecy. The backdrop is painted in a rich, dark red color, creating an ominous atmosphere. In the foreground, we see a solitary woman emerging from the shadows. Her black-and-white image contrasts with the colorful background, suggesting intrigue. With just one eye visible, she takes on the role of a covert observer, casting a judgmental gaze. The artwork evokes feelings of secrecy, with tension and danger seemingly lurking beneath the surface. Handmade collage using magazine ads, art books, watercolor, and soft pastels.

Collage Size:  9.5 x 13.25 inches.

Clockwork 52.

Handmade collage exploring the intricate mechanisms within a wristwatch, showcasing a myriad of dials, gears, jewels, and the unique personality embedded in the heart of the timepiece. Made from old books, bits and pieces of paper, and watercolor. Significant source material for this collage were print ads for wrist watches.

Collage Size:  11.5 x 13.25 inches.

Blind Butterflies 1200_edited.jpg

Blind Butterflies.

Handmade collage made from old books, magazines, watercolors, pastels, and imagination. It portrays Cupid, the god of love, who is blindfolded and blind. Above Cupid, there is a miniature painting that depicts butterfly wings. These wings are made from images of eyes.
Collage Size: 9.25 x 13.875 inches.

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