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More Phenomenal Art

These Works are Available at Spiralis Gallery, Easton MD

Joyfull JPG Master.jpg

Portrait of a woman in a lilac dress, standing elegantly amidst a blossoming flower garden. Her tranquil presence emanates serenity as she is in a state of meditation and contemplation. The collage evokes a sense of calmness and mindfulness, showcasing that joyfulness springs from inner peace and appreciation. Handmade collage using bits and pieces of paper, watercolor, and soft pastels. 


Collage Size: 8.5x10.5 inches.

Flemish Anatomy Art

Flemish paintings, from the Northern Renaissance, usually applied precise detail, rich and vibrant colors, and a sense of fantasy realism. The same attention to detail, color and realism is used in modern anatomy books. In this collage, I combine the two art forms to create a modern version of a Flemish renaissance piece. Handmade collage using images from Flemish art books, illustrations from anatomy books, watercolor, and soft pastels.


Collage Size: 10.75 x 12.25 inches.

Flower Child

In homage to the hippies, flower children, Godspell lovers, Jesus freaks, Quakers, Woodstock fans, peaceniks, and age of Aquarius young people that were such an enormous influence in my teenage years in the late 60s and early 70s. Watercolor collage.

Collage Size: 16.75 x 20.75 inches.

Red Wig

During the 1960’s, upper middle class women in Buenos Aires Argentina wore fashionable wigs and expensive clothes. I think the wigs were a way to hide from the brutality around us. In June 1966, the military in Argentina overthrew the government and began a period of dictatorship that lasted well into the following two decades. The coupe was a precursor to the Dirty War (la Guerra Sucia) which lasted until 1983, during which the military and right-wing death squads hunted down political dissidents, resulting in the brutal death of up to 30,000 people at the hands of the military. This collage depicts how I remember the women of those days, before we were able to escape to the United States. The eyes express the lost hope and disillusionment. The red rose in her hand is a grasp at beauty, but also represents the bloody aftermath. Water color collage.

Collage Size: 8.25 x 12.75 inches.

Woman and Birds

Handmade collage of a Latin American woman engulfed by birds. The indigenous peoples of Latin America historically used bird motifs and the concept of flight as symbols of movement, relocation, and freedom. Birds are essential animals in Andean culture because they are believed to fly between the celestial and earthly worlds. The idea of heritage and ancestry is a common theme in my collages. In this collage, I used bird imagery to create a motif that not only sets the scene for the subject matter but also asks the viewer to reflect on their own connections to their past. Materials: Paper, Watercolor, and soft pastels.

Collage Size: 10.25x14 inches.


Woman Times Four

Same scene, different moods and emotions. Handmade collage using old books and imagination. Significant source material for this collage comes from a Spanish book published in 1868, tilted “Mugeres Celebres de Espana y Portugal” (Famous Women of Spain and Portugal). The book is an illustrated biographical account of famous Spanish and Portuguese women.

Collage Size: 10.25x14 inches.


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